Neltip Products has been manufacturing precision ground probes for 35 years. We are a custom manufacturer of test probes needles, die ejector pins and other products for some of the world’s leading businesses in the testing and handling of wafers for the automotive, aerospace and medical industries.

Neltip Products are used for cantilevered and vertical probe cards as well as a wide variety of semiconductor, micromanipulator and capillary deplugger applications.

TEST PROBE NEEDLES are engineered for the demanding repetitive testing of LSI silicon die in microelectronics and other low current uses. Materials such as pure TUNGSTEN or PALINEY 7®, a wrought alloy that will not flake, peel, tarnish or corrode.

DIE EJECTOR PINS, made from TUNGSTEN CARBIDE, are designed to allow penetration of mounting film with a minimum disturbance to an adjacent die during PICK 'N PLACE, and the die attach process.

All products are manufactured using our unique grinding process. The products are DIAMOND GROUND to meet your specifications and requirements.

We manufacture to your specifications for angle, length, radius, diameter & material type.

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